Tom Boonen = Fallen Hero?

12 05 2009

Tornado TomMost people probably think Tom Boonen must be an idiot to get caught for using coke and xtc twice or even three times.  He has it all talent, succes, looks and money…..but he also has to handle a great deal of stress and being so succesful at a very young age has it’s consequences. Although he has been trying hard to keep his feet on the ground and stay humble, he needed an escape and got high!

It’s clear he has a problem and needs to seek some help. The question is if sponsors,team and public will be able to see Tom as the super talent he is. Will he get yet another chance? I guess it’s up to him to prove himself.

A lot of today’s heroes have once fallen. They just rose above it and became living legends. Afterall they are just humans which make mistakes, like you and me.




One response

4 06 2009

he doesn’t have a problem.
He never took drugs during tournaments.
The guy can’t even go on a holiday and drink a glass of wine, without him being called an alcoholic.
Tom Boonen isn’t an addict. I’m not saying, it’s smart to use coke, but c’mon, he uses it once and everyone is talking about how he should go to rehab.
He shouldn’t use coke, but let’s not overreact. A lot of people use coke or weed without being addicted.
Controle him when he’s working, leave him alone when he’s on vacation!

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