North Finland Championships at Luosto above the Arctic Circle.

25 05 2009

DSC_0059The conditions last weekend were just splendid. Although there were a few rain showers everybody was able to compete in dry weather. It was also warmer than previous years. I guess 15C is a luxury at this time of year above the Arctic Circle.

I should be happy with the results of last weekend. I won both races, timetrial and criterium. The criterium was quite short but that made it also quite exciting. Escaping alone was impossible this time but the difference was made on the last steep uphill.

The timetrial was pure fun and slaughther. I was well rested and able to go deep. I stayed under the 30min cape for a very hilly 20K track. For me all timetrials should include some longerhills. I’m just to light for the long flat timetrials. I will keep training to improve because it’s a beautiful discipline without team tactics. Just the bike and me.   

 I still hope I can make some improvements to my physical condition with the Finnish Championships: Criterium coming up next weeks Friday in Lahti. I don’t have any big targets for this race but I will try to Finnish as high up the rankings as possible. Wish me luck!




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