Levi 24 – Arctic Mountainbike event

11 06 2009

Tomorrow I will be travelling up north, for a change, to an awsome mountain biking 24 hour event in the skiresort : Levi. This event is held only 170km from Rovaniemi, the place I call home. I’m so happy that I don’t need to sit in the car for 10 hours to attend a cycling competition.

My wife often jokes that car driving is more of a hobby to us than cycling. The events and competitions are mainly organised in the South of Finland.

I actually will ride my bike to the competition tomorrow since I need still some more endurance training for the Finnish championships in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I will have some 170 km on the menu and on Saturday and Sunday we will be Mountain biking 24hours in a team of 8 ( relay). Last year I was riding solo and enjoyed the new experience but I also had to recover for a week and couldn’t use my hands for several days: swolen and painfull.

I’m actually quite happy to be part of a team this year ( Citysport, http://www.citysport.fi ). I guess it’s much more fun in a 24hour race. You get just much more out of the event. Mountainbiking for 24 hours is pushing your limits which is fun too but not if you have 2 weeks later the National Championships coming up.

I’ll give you an update onhow it went after the weekend.

Check out the info from the organisation below:
LEVI24 is a 24 hour endurance mountain biking race that is held in the resort of Levi in Finland. 170 km above Arctic Circle, the Land of Midnight Sun!

Levi is located in the Fell Lapland, in the middle of pure nature and large wilderness areas. Levi Fell village is actually a small holiday town, which offers a wide range of first-rate services to its guests. http://www.levi.fi/en/home.html

LEVI24 starts 13th of June at 12.00 o’clock. And as you maybe have guessed, it will be 24 hours of fun after that! More information and event schedule will be soon in our website: http://www.levi24.fi

What makes LEVI24 unique in all mountain biking events? Lappish atmosphere, pure nature and exotic wilderness, with the added benefit that we don’t need any lights in our 24 hour event!

In the summertime Levi enjoys sunlight 24/7!

Under the Midnight sun, surrounded by beautiful landscape will be an experience visitors don’t forget!

LEVI24 race course is 10 km loop that circles around Levi fell. Expect single track, northshore bridges, wide open fire road and even some asphalt where riders can really push the speed!




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3 07 2009
Levi 24 – Arctic Mountainbike event | Rovaniemi Travel - Culture and Recreation

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