Levi 24 – the aftermath

16 06 2009

Levi 24 was a great succes for Team Citysport. The 8 person team I was part of. There were about half as much teams registered as last year but the race in both Solo and 8 person teams was quite tight. We won with about 25 minutes difference from  Team Intersport. Seems that these local sport stores are not only competing in the shopping streets of Rovaniemi and Levi but also on the sport events!

After being a solo rider last year it was nice to be a part of a team. Most of the riders I had never met. We had a few very high level, young, X-country skiers on the team and they were putting down the hammer round after round. Those  promising athletes you might even see back at the Vancouver winter Olympics next winter. Keep an eye on Mikko Koutaniemi and Janne Stenbäck!

The other team members had earned their respect already in different sport disciplines and enjoyed to compete in a bit more relaxed atmosphere. No pressure ( well maybe some) but pure fun.

Oh by the way did I mention, we won, Oh I did mention it already!




One response

18 06 2009

congrats guys!
would have loved to join you but I’m preparing for a 8 days crossing of the Spanish Pyrenees. In the meanwhile good luck with the upcoming races and keep us twittered!


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