Cycling holidays and Brussels Airlines booking systems. COMPUTER SAYS NO

26 06 2009

Last week we booked some reasonably priced flights to Belgium for this summer with Brussels Airlines. We also checked on the Brussels Airlines website ( )what it would cost to take our bikes. The website mentioned € 40 in Economy one-way. This is the normal rate nowadays. I was then also very surprised this morning when I called the Brussels airline’s service number to reserve the extra luggage permision. The lady on the phone told me that the price is €80 one-way. Helsinki-Brussels is nowadays a medium haul flight. Ok, how do I know? As far as I remember Helsinki  and Brussels are both part of Europe? Logical…..well maybe not to the not so friendly lady on the other side of the phone. I got the famous : “computer says no service”.

Well in the end I know when I’m right and when I have to stand my ground. The Brussels Airlines lady called me back. She helped me, admitted their mistake and also  apologized sincerely. This is what service is about. Everybody can make mistakes  but it’s harder to admit them and help a customer in the end. Anyway thank you Brussels Airlines for putting this right. 

Oh by the way, I will never fly with Brussel Airlines again when I take my bike. It’s  just a rediculous price for taking a bike!!!!! Please don’t  trash my bike now in the luggage handling!

Pffffff, maybe I should start playing golf again:-)




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