Finnish Championships – Suomen Mestaruus Kuusamo 2009

29 06 2009

What a disappointment. I can be happy that I finished the whole race but I was amazed that I was having cramps after only 140km. This shouldn’t be a problem for me usually. The day before I had been sitting about 5 hours in the car to travel to Kuusamo and service the M18 race. During that time I drank but most likely not enough. Also sitting in the care doesn’t do great things to my legs. Stupid but I’m happy to know where the cramps came from.

Motivation was quite low yestereday evening but now  I just want to prove to myself that all the hard work has been worth it. I know I’m in great shape and I’m going to show it in the coming weaks. Next week their are the Barents Championships held in Tornio and that will be a good training for the Finnish age group championships 2 weeks later.

The race in Kuusamo itself was quite interesting and exciting. The race situations were changing all the time so it’s hard to write them down here. There was just so much happening. I was three times away in a small group but always we were caught back by the pack. In the end Kjell Carlström ( Liquigas) gave the win to Toni Lias ( Turun Urheiluliito) in 3th place came Matti Helminen ( CCH) my team mates Juho Heikkilä came 24th and Timo Karvonen came in last after he was dropped  a few rounds before the end. Timo had to recover from a cycling accident this spring and is working to get in shape again.

Also our club Cyclos Kuusamo  , the organiszers of these championships, had a few medal winners. Roosa Törmänen won a silver medal in the Womans 18 roadrace and her brother won a bronze medal in the U23 time trial. Future stars to keep an eye on!!




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