Fillarikalenteri –

1 07 2009


In Finland the cycling boom has started only a few years back and you really start noticing more cyclists on the road. Usually they are alone or with 1 friend. Down south the organised group rides are getting increasingly popular but in the North there is still a long way to go. Cyclists up here in Rovaniemi find it quite a big step to go and ride in a group. Usually they think they are not good enough and the others are going to go too fast or they might have something else to  do on a Sunday morning ( sleep? ).

Advantages of riding in a group:

– It’s just much more fun!

– If you draft ( riding behind another rider) it feels quite easy to ride long distance so your physical condition level doesn’t need to be the best.

– You can ride longer with less effort and this is really good to build basic condition

– You get in touch with other people who like the same sport.

– If you are new you get a lot of tips and tricks from the more experienced riders.

– You get better much faster

– There are many other reasons…but remember that cycling is really a teamsport

In Finland there is also now the Fillarikalenter to encourage people to go and ride together. On the calender you can see all the events and group rides around the country. Ours starts every Sunday in Rovaniemi at 9am at the beachvolley field next to the Lumberjack bridge. Join us!!




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