09-lenkki Rovaniemi group ride

15 07 2009
On the Lumberjack bridge

On the Lumberjack bridge

Last Sunday, after softly harrassing/stalking some riders during the week, we had finally a good turnout for our weekly 9 0’clock group ride.  People from other countries than Finland  are probably wondering what a good turnout is and how can it be hard to ride together. We were 7 and that’s great!  When you live on the Arctic Circle cycling is not the most popular of sports. If you ad the lonewolf character of a typical Finn to that, you will start getting the picture.

Cycling is only now getting more popular mainly with X-country and downhill skiers. It’s a good way to build basic endurance for them but also others are starting putting their 20kg  3 gear “tunturi bikes” aside and buy real road racing bikes. The step to ride in group is often not made because of the misconception of the speed we are riding at. 28km/h average is quite reasonable on a race bike but still it’s a big step to make.

Good weather and good company, riding towards Oikarainen

Good weather and good company, riding towards Oikarainen

Anyway, the group was very diverse with younger and older riders and 2 out of 7 riders were ladies! I will not be abel to join next week but I’m hoping for  an even bigger turnout for that group ride. You are all very welcome!

Crossing the Kemijoki-river

Crossing the Kemijoki-river




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