Syöte-ajo, a delicacy for social cyclists.

17 08 2009
Syöteajo finish Taina & Lieven De Rycke / Rush Racing

Syöteajo finish Taina & Lieven De Rycke / Rush Racing

40 lucky riders started a great journey last Saturday at the Holiday Club Eden hotel in Oulu. First Pekka Lindvall, the organiser of this event, welcomed us and gave the riders some clear instructions about safety, service and the days route. With the sea behind us we left over small cycling paths through the coast town of Oulu for a 210km trip directions Syöte. Just out of town the group was split up in 2 for safety and practical reasons and continued their way over beautiful deserted routes. The spirit was great and the pace was good for everybody. Halfway some rainshowers made the trip just a bit more challenging. During the 3 breaks plenty of food and energy beverages were provided by the 08 lenkki-organisers. About 15km before our destination, the top of Piku-Syöte, the speed was free. We took of with a few riders Timo Karvonen, Juha Lepäkangas and myself. The end of the trip provided plenty of hills with the biggest and steepest in the end. Everybody made it to the top on or next to the bike and could jump into a well deserved sauna  and a joy a great dinner.

On day 2 everybody could start at their own pace for the first 30 km and that was good fun for everybody because on the menu were again quite a few hills. After 30 km we continued in 2 convoys towards Oulu via The Kierikki Stone Age Centre and village where we had lunch. We came back to Oulu just before the rain and enjoyed a swim at the Hotel Eden’s spa centre.

Syöteajo  groupshot at Syötekeskus

Syöteajo groupshot at Syötekeskus

Usually Marathon cycling events are not very social events because everybody is basically making a race out of it. This event is unique in it’s kind and the fact that this year the number of participants was limited to 40 made it quite an exclusive event. I would already register for next year if it would be possible!




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