Tour de Helsinki – Finland’s number one cycling event, a perfect season closing

7 09 2009

Last night I came home around 2a.m from the Tour de Helsinki. The drive from Rovaniemi to Helsinki and back was well wurth it. This was my second participation in the event and I enjoyed it as much as the first. The weather God’s promissed to make it a wet edition but after all we stayed pretty dry. Although I’m used to riding in the rain it just would have caused more accidents.

When riding with some 1350 riders there are always some crashes but this is part of the sports and the organisation from my point of view did their best to keep the roads traffic free. To make it more safe they could have let  the riders with a racing licence, leave a few minutes earlier than the other participants. Just to avoid that some inexperienced riders push their luck and cause confusion or crashes. Cycling is getting noticibly more popular and it’s nice to see so many people taking up this challenge. After a whole season of competitions around the country this is a perfect event to close the roadracing season. So I left with my buddy Juho for a rather relaxed race. We were riding hard but were not pushing our limits and enjoyed the company of so many other riders.

I can not comment much about the service points on the route because we simply didn’t stop. The idea wasn’t to race fullout but just to follow the bunch to the finish and make it in one piece. That’s what we did and we were even able to enjoy the scenery. I haven’t found the official results but I think our time was around 3h40min for 140km including 11km behind a nutral car at 17km/h ( slow but necessary).

Other people were racing to win and in the end Kimmo Kannanen and Jussi Veikkanen came 1st and 2nd behind them came Jarmo Rissanen.

Next year I hope to be back with more riders from North Finland and celebrate our seasons closing down here.




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3 05 2010
Rob Campbell

Hi, I’ll be living in Finland next winter and spring. What’s the amateur road racing scene in the spring like? Do you have a link to their calndar?


10 05 2010

Hi Rob,
The roadcycling season is really short and the there are some very nice national races. The national cup races have a good level but this depends from year to year. The regional races have a quite low level but you can still get a fairly good training out of it. Cycling isn’t a big sport here but it is booming. You can find the competitions from this link . There are also some nice “Granfondo’s” like the Tour of Helsinki and Botnia cycling tour.

You can also find the local group rides from this website.

If you have any further quesions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy your rides in Finland!


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