Bio-Racer, partner of 6 national teams during the World Championships in Mendrisio

21 09 2009
Bio-Racer national jersey's

Bio-Racer national jersey's

When it’s a matter of hundreths of a second… One hundreth of a second can make a difference between winning and losing. Many national cycling teams are aware of this, and they are supported by Bio-Racer.

Ever since it’s introduction, Bio-Racer’s team clothing is well known for it’s high quality. The knowledge in terms of comfort, muscle support and aerodynamics Bio-Racer has built up during the past years, has a positive effect on the performance of cyclists. That’s why the national teams of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, the USA and Finland have chosen for Bio-Racer.

In cooperation with many pro athletes and with the scientific input of universities and research facilities such as TO2C Ghent, KU Louvain, TU Eindhoven, DSM, FES Germany and Innosport NL, innovations are made.
Thank’s to these innovations, our national partner teams are ready to perform in Mendrisio.




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