Tacx Virtual Reality – Col d’Aspin

22 09 2009

This morning I dropped by my friend Tony at Living Fitness ( http://www.living-fitness.be/) to work together on some core strength exercises.  I didn’t do any core strenght exercises because I noticed a race bike standing in the back of the gym. The race bike was put on Tacx Virtual Reality (VR) trainer and you can ride/simulate the most amazing rides. Tempted by the great hill ride simulations I hopped on the bike without warming up and started to ride up the col d’aspin.

This week I was supposed to take a break from biking, the first time in 3 years that I was going to be a week without a bike, so I didn’t take any bib tights or cycling shoes. The focus would be running and core strenght.

After a few km I noticed that the back tyre was a bit flat and the grip wasn’t so good on the roller. Then I asked Tony if he had adjusted the wait of the rider. He smiled and told me: ” We compete with equile weapons”. 9km to go of the 11,8 km and I knew this was going to be tough one. My heartbeat was at treashold my legs were burning but I could still talk and tried to keep my rpm up to 90. Just imagine you have to do a hill time trial  and then someone puts a 13kg heavy backpack on your back. That’s the difference between Tiger Tony and my weight. In the end my time wasn’t too good but I’m still pleased to notice that I got my heartbeat up quite easily to 190 with a peak of 199 in the end.

Anyway I can’t wait to go to France and ride the Col d’Aspin in Reality and I will get some sweet revenge on Tiger Tony for putting 13kg on my back…..sooner or later. Just watch you back




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