Winter in Rovaniemi

7 10 2009

We really had a splendid Indian summer uphere in Rovaniemi. Three weeks ago we still had temperatures of about 16C in the afternoon and sunshine. About a week ago temperatures dropped and now we have 20 cm of snow. It’s the best that can happen because usually in october and november we get rain. We know the snow is not going to stay but we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I have been to my new office by bike. It’s only 8km but there is 1 steephill (100 highed meters) in the end which makes the ride good fun. Unfortunatly no showers in the office so I can not really sprint up the hill or my colleagues will pull up their noses when I start smelling “nice” in the afternoon:-)

I will also buy myself a snowmobile to save some time for other trainings ( X-country skiing and give my legs a cycling rest) and also for fun. How many people can go by snowmobile to their office. On other days I will make a detour after work by bike and do a few up-hill trainings with a backpack. First I need to put my studded tyers on.

To see the snow situation at my office on the Arctic Circle click here. Oh by the way I share the office with Mr. Santa Claus:-)




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