Fighting the bugs!

9 11 2009

Winter is coming fast and a lot of people are getting ill. Today I was feeling a bit under the weather but it was false alarm. I’m not even talking about the swine flue which  has landed here in Rovaniemi a few weeks ago and is supposed to be at it’s peak this week.

I’m travelling every other week around Europe for the moment and that  doesn’t help matters.It’s quite tiring to travel constantly and I have noticed that the planes airconditioning system works as a flue accelerator. The first thing I do sitting in a plane is shutting the aircondition vends above my head. It makes a big difference but it still doesn’t help if the person behind or next to you is sneezing his gutz out in your neck or face:-( Ohh then there is also the 10’s or 100’s of handshakes a week….

I guess my job isn’t ideal to stay healthy but on the otherhand I can see it from the positive way. It’s maybe the best way to create resistance!

 The biggest challenge for a serious endurance athlete is to stary healthy!

Take care of yourselfs!




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