Weekend Plans: X-country skiing in Levi

4 12 2009

What a week! Last Monday I arrived with quite a delay in Barcelona without luggage. Now we are Friday and I have made it back to Helsinki without ever seeing any luggage. Well I guess you followed my ordeal on Twitter. As we speak I’m waiting to catch my flight back to Rovaniemi but the flight has a 2 hour delay and is scheduled to depart around 21h50. 50minutes to go. This isn’t the first time anymore so I don’t really get too stressed about it. I was able to do some work and I also struggeled to get my wireless internet connection working ( it took me about 5 hours to reset everything and make it work, trial and error)

Tomorrow I’m planning to go for the weekend to Levi ( www.levi.fi) a small ski resort some 150 km up north from Rovaniemi. I’m planning to do some long X-country ski training sessions tomorrow and Sunday and enjoy some time together with Taina.  

I haven’t been able to do any training this week because all my running gear was in the lost suitcase. This is the first time in 2 years that I don’t do any sports for 5 days in a row. Serious energy overload at the moment although the week has been quite rough.

Have a nice weekend!




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