Cycling in Paris and a nasty stomach flue

14 03 2010

This week I have been on a business trip to Paris and as usually I plan my trainings quite carefully during these weeks. The schedule is usually quite demanding but I usually can fit in  2  reasonble training sessions. This week I was able to fit in one fun running session and it was nice to run through my old neighborhood  and around my old cycling training track.

The horse race track of Longchamps. This is where a lot of Parisians come and do their  cycling / running rounds. The track is about 5k long and is closed for traffic. I actually miss this training here. Although I don’t usually like riding in circles, I like riding in groups and meeting new people.  Around the Longchamps racing track you can bike everyday of the year and you will always find somebody to ride with.  In spring and summer the track  often has 100 of cyclists on it all moving in different groups. So it’s nice  and easy to pace yourself with a faster group for a few rounds and then drop back to an easier group.

Well, this time it was still quite cold so there were not so many cyclists and I was not able to go down there because on Wednesday night I got a terrible stomach flue and didn’t sleep all night. During Thursday I still was able to go to 2 meetings but after that I collapsed with fever and  i was just able to get better to jump on the flight back to Finland.

I was training again yesterday and in the beginning I was feeling quite weak but later on things were going fine. Today though things seemed terribly wrong again. My heartbeat didn’t go up that well and dropped during a shortbreak on the bike from  120 bpm to under 60bpm in 60sec. That’s not so normal. So I decided to give myself another few days to rest. My preperations for the “Tour of Flanders” are going down the drain but there is not so much  I can do about this. I just hope the season will be long enough to get in good form.

In just 1 week time I will be travelling already to Belgium and I hope I can put some extra km on the roadbike to get atleast some descent form for the Finnish season start in Sipoo.




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