Slow time

30 07 2010

I’m just back from a 2 week trip to Crete to enjoy some “slow” time from work. Holiday is not really a word in  my dictionary. I needed this trip to get some energy and inspiration back into my system. At the same time I was recovering from a broken rib ( Mtb crash a few days before taking off).

This time of the year  is also the time I set new goals and targets for the coming year. If I haven’t reached the goals yet , I just sharpen the strategy to get there. This targets are always set on a personal, couple and professional level.

I really have  a clear view of where I want things to go but I just still need to check the timeline and priority of what to do first.Some times you just need to slow down to be able to go faster or to see in which direction to go…

I really enjoyed Mountain biking in Crete and probably will be back there for some more serious training next spring. This time I just had to take it easy. I’m feeling much better already but I still need to be carefull. I will register this weekend anyway for the Finlandia MTB event in Lahti in 2 weeks time and hope to be in a reasonable shape by then.




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