Thor Hushovd World Champion 2010

4 10 2010

Thor Hushovd aka The bull from Grimstad, sprinted yesterday to victory in Geelong,Australia.  I really enjoyed watching  the battle between the Belgians and the Italians but in the end it’s still a world championship and anything can happen.

A country team is not always a real team because the riders still are paid by their teams and not the countries. I’m not saying that Hushovd wouldn’t have won otherwise but worldchampionships quite often have a more hectic and less predictable outcome.

Hushovd in my eyes is really worth to be World Champion. He rides the classics, the tour and is know to be a good sprinter. What people often forget is that he also has been an excellent TT rider when he was younger and that is a skill that he will be able to fall back on when his sprint speed is not high enough anymore. I think Hushovd will offer us some spectacular wins in the future.

Hushovd also has made cycling incredibly popular in Norway and I hope this virus will spread one day to Finland. Jussi Veikkanen and Kjell Carlstöm or  Pro-tour riders but still don’t have the capabilities of Hushovd. Maybe one day we get there




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