I wish you all a healthy and sporty 2011

6 01 2011
In bad health training feels like riding a square wheeled bike

In bad health training feels like riding a square wheeled bike

I haven’t been writting for a while but I think my excuse is a genuine one. It’s not a lack of time but just poor health and lack of energy. I’m not going to get in detail about all the health problems I had to endure during the last few months but one thing just let to an other and the snowball of troubles and symptoms  just got bigger and bigger.

As a long time endurance athlete  I’m quite used to feel pain and push myself. I think that’s what I like about it so much. The problem for me is quite often that I don’t really recognise symptoms and my pain  and stress treshold is quite high. I just keep going. In the end my body just shut downs and riding my bike feels like I ride a bike with square wheels.  It’s time to recover and heal. Because I don’t recognise the symptoms or don’t really feel that bad ( in my opinion) when getting ill at first I just have pushed myself too far and the recovery will take quite long.

I have learned a lot over the years about this so when I feel unwell I usually visit a doctor and I try to seek treatment asap but sometimes I just don’t seem to notice.

One thing I know…good health is a key to hapinness and people just don’t think about this enough! Don’t take your health for granted and take care of yourself and the people close to you!




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10 01 2011

Get well soon! I know for sure what you are talking about. It is impossible to carry out regular training (program) while the health is not ok. Be patient! All the best!

13 02 2011

I hope you feel better.

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