Tour TransAlp Project, Jari WK3

22 01 2012

At beginning, few words about long term plan. Before focus training for tour trans-alp I’ll complete speed skating season. On season total training volume need to keep moderate to stay fresh for hard skating interval training. At the April volume have to increase, and highest volume week should be at the end May. Unfortunately then early cycling season will be lost for volume training, can’t believe to be fresh for races when doing high volumes. But have to sacrifice something for coming hard week on Trans-Alps.

Week 3

In 3 skating days focus on 3-5 minute intervals, total 59 minutes at 100-90% pace from 5 minutes maximum. Beside that I did 2*4*(45s intervals with 30s recovery), what a suffering with lactate acids. Highest intensity skating intervals on WK3 were 8*200m flat-out. On bike total 8 hours, mostly on Zone 2 and about 1 hour on recovery zone, few intervals on Z4 and Z5 off course.  Very hard week, thanks to skating. 🙂

Recovery ride while watching Harry Potter




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