Obstacles to be conqured combining every day life to Tour TransAlp

7 02 2012

Hi all!

I’m digging into quite familiar resource obstacle to every one who has long term plan for event like Tour TranAlp in our team that everyday TIMETABLES.

As a younster in our group I’m living my RUSH years of my lifespan, three kids, 2 yrs, 4 yrs and 7 yrs, job that needs travelling away from home about 100 days through out year and loving (read understanding and with good nerves) wife with shif work in intense care unit in hospital.

How in the heck to balance with sufficient training time and cope the family and occupational timetables? I presume that I’m not the only one puzzling with this issue??

My solution that works in real life is quite easy solution:

strickt timing and routines!

First realize what are the limits within your time zones for each life sector. And be honest when counting this…

Training needs to be placed and planned into daily routines and in this life situation I have to accept that every minute counts when training. My training can be placed between 6:00-7:30 am or 20:00-21:00 pm if I’m on business trip. That’s why I’ll carry indoor rollers and bicycle with me in every single more or less longer business trip to be able to carry the contact and feeling for cycling.

Also adapt: do different exercises, gym, cross fit, xc-skiing, commuting when possible, the more frequent the better.

Also be creative: when playing with kids it’s possibel to exercise. Example:  2 weeks ago I noticed that it’s more fun and more efficient to do MTB training with kids by attaching their Stiga winterslegde with a line to my MTB. Kids love to hang behind my bike and I get better excercise and not neglegting my family ;).

This is my simple solution in my every day life and one more thing stay healthy! Unfortenatenaly this my principle I’ve cracked during january but if getting sick let the body recover eg. remember to ease!

Have nice february and be creative when training!

PS: When winter is cracking the freezing records remember adapt Your training clothing to meet the ecxeptations of the elements, freezing wind and chilly low degrees and use layering!!

BW: NurMikko







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