New month, blend of new and old tricks!

6 03 2012

I’m dissapointed to say that I didn’t reached my training goals for jan-feb period. This was ruined by mycoplasma bacteria and sinuitis. But no worries shit happens and now I’m back in business!



One also motivating factor is that spring is showing some signs here in Lapland. In january – february we had pretty cold weathers, below -30 degrees centigrade so in that sense it was perfect time to get that “obligatory” sickness suffered and done. Now the weather is more milder between -5 to -20 degrees and on my opinion the winter shows it’s best! Beautiful light and super nice snow for skiing and MTB! 

This was taken during my xc-skiing training when first sun ray was piercing the sky!

I tried to get some ideas to blend my kids plays into my training and here is one nice solution! I’ve attached kids downhill sled called Stiga behind my MTB and it works fine! Result: I get more powerful training and kids just love to have some longer and speedy playing session with Stiga. The best part is that they tend to shout from behind “more speed dad, take one more spirnt to that light pole!”

Here is new power training hint! Just add mountain bike with stud tyres, Stiga sled with some 20 kilos active steering and up you spin! Power to the legs!

Next challenge in my calendar supposed to be Napapiiri xc-skiing event in 17th of march. I’ll try to participate depending from my skiing condition to 60 km’s or 100 km’s. This means that back on skiis and more kilometers to arms and legs! Then back on bike! All the best to You all! Enjoy from nature and training! NurMikko




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