Mr Murphy I presume?

16 04 2012

Sorry to be away so long from blog but like some Forrest Gump wisdom goes ” Shit Happens”.  Last time when I was writing Iwas full of spirit and joy due well starting spring training season but then it happened I met Mr Murphy and Lady Luck at the same time!!

The date was 10th of march, day saturday, 5th day of alpine skiing during that week and first time on slopes without family. What a joy to be able to spend marvellous spring day on skiis and enjoy from the good company. Mr Murphy though had some other intentions concerning my happiness.

The case: 2 seconds before the accindent I thought, Turn tight to left, correct your skiing line more paralallel to slope and slide to traverse. Bang! What the heck!? Head and shoulder ache, promtly! Shoulder more sore than head? I’ve fell down!!! And smashed against the pine tree! The right foot back binding had unlocked upwards due loading during the turn and down I went!

First severe skiing accident in my life since 20 years was real and right arm/shoulder wasn’t moving and there was pain…

Result: That skiing days was over! Quick check with emergency personel, to hospital for x-rays and doctor’s opinion.

Verdict: Right shoulder had torn ligaments, AC joint lucsation, 3 weeks sick leave, then 2 months of physiotherapy to regain right arm movement.

My opinion: Pain full.Unfair but doable.  Shit happens!! And this is shit!

Solution: Pain killers, ergometre bike and gym with combination of physiotherapy.

Now 5 weeks later I’m pretty happy for current situation > I had ingredients in this accident for more severe injury all blended together. Speed, pine, head and spine/neck. I was really having affair with Lady Luck not hurt my self more severe and I’m lucky to have good physical condition in order to be able to take that kind of hit quite well (altthough it hurted like hell!) Also good very skillfull physio, Petri, who is friend of mine is golden support in this training phase! Thanks to him!!

I’ve been busy on ergometer last 4 weeks and last week was the first week also with free Tacx rollers and my own bike. Arm is already moving up to 90 degree angle both front and sideways :). In this light TransAlp is still on my tight sight!

Now Mr Murphy stay away from my way and do not set any more obstacles! Thats my humble request.

Have nice ride and have good april!!

That the place, somewhere there, nicely done Mr Murphy. And thanks Lady Luck!








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