DSC_0106Passion for sports  and outdoors are only a few reasons which made me move to Finland back in 2003. Coming from the country where the weather is as predictable as my lovely wife (or women in general) & nature as beautiful as Dr Phil’s hear, the move from Belgium was an easy choice but there were a lot of challenges to be faced. To name a few: language, language, language.

A few years back I started cycling and mountain biking more actively again after a few years of mainly working hard.  I’m also  competing again at elite level in mountain biking and road cycling in the Finnish National Cup circuit with my club Cyclos Kuusamo. For me it’s not only about winning  anymore. There is so much more to gain from this all.

I just love to be out there and ride, I love to prepare and focus on a competition. I love the nervousness and adrenaline a few hours before the start of an event. etc. I love the trips to the events. This is what  keeps me in balance. 

This is also a lifestyle, a lifestyle that I want to share. I want to share this with people who like me are passionate about cycling but also with people who haven’t made the step yet to get back on their bike.

Rush Racing is the Mountain Bike/Road Cycling team which I’m trying to establish. It’s called after my company “Rush” which  imports Cycling Wear from Bio-Racer & distributes botanical body care products from Sportique. The companies philsophy is to supply comfort increasing products to athletes.  This all for reasonable prices. Soon you will be able to visit our website at www.rush.fi !

I will keep you updated on the progress of building the Rush Racing Team on this blog but I will also write you about many other things.

Have fun reading and have fun on you bike!


Lieven a.k.a Pscyclo

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